Kristina, EVS Volontärin Ukraine

„Hello friends! I’m Kristina and I come from Ukraine. I was born in Donetsk and lived in Kyiv during the last few years. I have a degree in Computer Science and Graphic design, but my heart has always sought to work with children. I love them for their nature and I am pretty sure that even adults could still discover their inner child in themselves, which could be the best experience ever! So hopefully I managed to remain a child while growing up … Apart from pedagogy I’m a fan of sport activities such a swimming, hiking, skating, or playing tennis and basket ball. I love painting, handicrafts, travelling and having deep conversations on philosophical or psychological topics! The most important thing for me is to be an optimistic, kind and sincere person. I would like to improve and develop myself in many different ways and at the same time enjoy this process as much as possible! So, nowadays I’m working on this a lot. I believe in human nature and I believe in a great future for the children educated at a school like Freiraumschule! And I really do hope that my children will have this amazing opportunity to study in a similar school, to help them memorize the best time of childhood for their entire life! And if I had the chance I would do the same…! Thank you for the best and funniest experience in my life!“